We are dedicated to enabling a wonderful, relaxing vacation for you filled with joy and excitement.


We will cruise along the coastline of the Turkish Riviera and the Aegean with our charter boat, the Mavi Boncuk, which is a traditional Turkish brigantine, called “Gulet” by the native seamen. We will stop over at small, but gorgeous Greek islands.
During the sailing trip you will always be in close touch with the crew and your fellow travelers which will create an atmosphere of sailor’s romance within the same group of not more than 14 people. During a barbecue under the warm Mediterranean night sky you may gain friendship which could last long after this vacation.
The historic, cultural sites of the Lycia are highlights of the tour which could be evenly matched by lovely fishermen’s villages. Weather permitting we will sail along the shoreline of the Taurus Mountains and catch a glimpse of the bizarre rock formations followed by olive orchards and orange plantations. We will anchor in small coves where you can swim or snorkel in the calm, crystal-clear sea or do a great variety of water sports. At same places you may also do windsurfing, parasailing and kayaking with rental equipment or blast some wake on a jet ski or wave runner.
Upon request we will arrange special excursions for you. Furthermore, we will support you in organizing your vacation getaway, including the transfer from and to the nearest airport, booking of hotel accommodation, filling in administrative forms etc.
Our experienced shipmaster stands at the top of the crew. He exactly knows the waterways of the Turkish Riviera for many years and he will inform you on the itinerary in very detail on a daily basis. Our chef stands at his side. You will be surprised at the delicious meals he cooks in his small galley from fresh local vegetables and fruit, meat and seafood. Finally, there is the blue-jacket, the good soul of the boat.
An experienced and qualified tour guide will support the crew during the special and highlight cruises.
The crew is proud to communicate in the following languages with you:
Shipmaster: Turkish – native tongue, good command of German and English
Tour Guide: German – native tongue, knowledge of English and some Turkish
The crew welcomes you aboard and hopes you will enjoy your stay.



Our charter yacht is called “Mavi Boncuk” which means “blue pearl” in English.

It is a motor sailer with upscale furnishing and modern equipment.



Type of ship Brigantine, i.e. wooden two masters, called “Gulet” in Turkish Built in 2008
Engine: Aifo Iveco with 450 HP
Tanks: 6,000 l reservoir for drinking water; 5,000 l sewage carrier, 2,000 l fuel tank


Floor plan:

7 Cabins (5 twin-bed cabins and 2 double-bed cabins)
Each cabin has its own bathroom with shower, toilet, sink, hair dryer, extra shaving mirror and hot water supply.
There is enough stowage space for your personal belongings.


Galley for preparing the food. You will get full board including five o’clock tea.
The meals are delicious and substantial based on traditional Turkish cooking.
Beer and soft drinks can be bought from the crew between meals.

Saloon: Saloon is located next to the galley and is mainly used by the crew to relax,
but you should feel free to sit down there too for reading a book or writing a postcard.
Sun Deck:

Sun Deck can be covered by a canopy.
Many of your fellow-travelers will doss down here for a good night sleep under the Mediterranean starlit sky.
Sitting Areas – there is a small one at the bow and a spacious one at the stern with a big dinner table.

Sport offers:

Different pieces of sports equipment are available on board.
Flotation devices for small children (up to 20 kg) can be rented for 5.00 € per week.
Special sports events can be arranged upon request and at the traveler’s expense.
Fishing tackle is available on board.


Parlor games, like backgammon, skat, rummy and other card games are available as well.
The hi-fi equipment on board is suited for connecting to I-Pod, MP-3 and CD-player.


Each traveler will get one large bath towel and a face towel per week. Because of the limited stowage space on board and for environmental reasons we kindly ask you to use these towels during this week.
If two towels per week aren’t enough for you, you should bring your own extra towels with you.