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You may charter the complete yacht for a special occasion of your own. 
Have an unforgettable vacation with your family or close friends. This would be a unique opportunity to relax and enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Turkish shoreline with people who are really important to you. Get together on board in the evening, drinking a fine glass of wine, listening to the gentle sea surf and having a chat with your beloved ones under the star-spangled night sky. You will never forget these hours in your lifetime! And maybe you will find it worth repeating this wonderful experience with us on a different tour.
You could organize a meeting with important business associates aboard our yacht. You can talk in full privacy. We will exercise absolute discretion and will guarantee a relaxed atmosphere for the success of business. We will take care of the most favorable environment - you will take care of your business dealings. If you and your partners are interested in a special excursion, we can arrange it for you.
You would like to take a trip with your friends of an association, sports club or public charity. Relax together and explore together – it is fun and blends a real team. You are a choir and want to practice and improve your repertoire or to rehearse new songs. Come abroad and sail into the blue sea. 
You are actively engaged in sports and need a little bit of balanced compensation. Watersports could be the right answer. It is intense, but rich in variety and low injury risk. All groups of muscles will be trained. We can advise what is best for you. Take your pick: snorkeling, scuba diving, water skiing, jet skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, kayaking, swimming, do aqua aerobics or aqua jogging. Let us know your favorite water sports and we will arrange it for you.
You don’t know who could accompany you on your trip through the Mediterranean. Then cabin chartering would be the answer. You have a good chance to meet nice people, also from different countries. On group excursions you will share the wonders of the Turkish culture and landscape. You jointly take your meals around the big dinner table. You do aqua aerobics in a group. In the evening you will talk, joke or play cards together. Step by step you get acquainted with your follow-travelers and you will make friends for a lifetime.
Even low booking will cause no problem. We are flexible enough because we have access to different boats with a great variety in furnishing and equipment as well as a different number of cabins. Or we can make arrangements to find additional travelers if you don’t mind.
Enjoy your vacation on our yacht Mavi Boncuk
Enjoy your trip with our yacht Mavi Boncuk
we cruis in Turky - Lykien coast
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